Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Trev and I do all day....

WORKING: I think (our neighbour) is dancing around to Madonna.
TREV: huh?
TREV: doesn't she work anymore?
WORKING: Must be on holidays.
WORKING: Hey, were both of those filters on our phone lines yesterday or did you add one?
TREV: i added the other one in the kitchen last night
TREV: it didn't change anything
WORKING: So it might be the one in the livingroom that is broken.... Maybe it always has been.
TREV: it was fine before
WORKING: It just didn't interfere with the older modem. This newer modem is a bit sensitive.
WORKING: I wonder if I switch the filters...
TREV: could try
WORKING: Enh, later.
WORKING: Oh, we're really getting into Madonna now.
TREV: this is new with her, no?
WORKING: Madonna? Yes. It's 'Hung Up'.
TREV: god she has bad taste
WORKING: Wha-?! I have it on my iTunes.
TREV: ha ha
WORKING: We're going to both kick your ass.
TREV: Madonna should change her name to Matranny
WORKING: I like it. Madonna meets Matronly meets Tranny
TREV: or Machanging accent
WORKING: Or 'M'I really want to direct...'.
TREV: or Machanging religion
TREV: i wonder if its worth asking for an equallly fast modem that isn't wireless….

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