Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Not a Diet, It's a Lifestyle

“You just look different,” Trev answers my question.
“Well, what does that mean?”
“I’ve just noticed you look less tired.”
It’s true. My cheeks are rosy and my eyes are brighter. My jaw line is becoming a bit more defined. Change is in the air, but not without some costs.

“I’m not going to start you on your fast until spring. That is the season of the liver anyway,” Dr. S., ND, said to me, checking over her notes.
“When can I start eating wheat, sugar and caffeine again?” I asked hopefully. I’ve been off most of these culprits for a couple of months and I’m proud of my success. But it’s time to be done. There are pizzas to order and boxes of chocolates to eat.
She responded with a look that indicated there’s been a misunderstanding. This is a permanent change, she explained, “Especially since the effects you’re telling me about coincide with a wheat sensitivity. You should stay off of all of them, actually.” She caught my look, “I know that’s hard over Christmas… that’s why I’m not giving you more to do right now.”
“In January, we’ll make more changes to your diet and add specific herbs. Also, if you can try to avoid dairy.”
Wow. Our supper choices just got even more limited. As for take-out options, I’m down to sushi. And that’s only because I haven’t dared ask for the ingredients of what is my absolute most favourite food.

The signs are subtle but there - I am feeling better. And if it is as Trev says, that I’m even looking healthier, then this is all worth it (Well, maybe not to him since his diet has changed significantly just by association and he never gets to eat Thai anymore).

It is going to be a very weird Christmas. I vow here and now NOT to become 'that person', the "Um, actually? I can't eat that. I'll just sit here looking like a martyr while I chew on this carrot stick so that everyone knows" person. Since I'm not allergic to these things or ill in any way worth mentioning, there must be a way to subtly enjoy a host's offerings in very small quantities without having to raise suspicions or say a word. And then I could fill up on my delicious sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine free offering to the party. Because I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of that item left on the table.

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