Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Down At the Playground

For two days in a row I’ve found myself in an uncomfortable position at the dog park. Slipping on ice, dropping mitts, scarf, thermos, leash while trying to scoop up runny dog poop is extraordinarily uncomfortable, yes, but I’m talking about something completely different.

Last night I arrived to the park to find it empty but for one person, a 40-something bachelor who owns two dogs. We started up a light conversation. Then along came a third dog owner, a woman about his age, and she joined in and for a few minutes it was quite jovial. Suddenly, she brought up a topic about someone who she kept anonymous, but whom I quickly realized was another dog owner we all know. The comments were really personal. The two of them kept glancing uncomfortably at me as they continued to discuss her love life.

What was I supposed to do? I edged away from them, pretending to become more and more engrossed in Charlie’s game until eventually I was standing alone at the other end of the dog park. I could still hear them but at least they had the illusion of privacy.

It happened again this morning with two other women. I was having a lovely conversation with one, along came the other, who I know well enough, and they launched into a personal conversation. I couldn’t read if I was supposed to be listening or excusing myself. I practically growled out loud in frustration as I eased off to feign rapt interest in Charlie.

Isn't that rude? Am I wrong? If it’s not meant for everyone’s ears, why not just save it for later?

* * *

In other news, Charlie and I are heading west tomorrow. We'll fly into Winnipeg and drive the rest of the way to Regina (Don't ask - I have a feeling I could smuggle drugs more easily than transport my dog. Still cheaper than kenneling, though). Trev arrives the day after, officially launching our two weeks of holidays in the prairies. Kiwi will stay home, probably getting better care from Petopia than he gets from us. We'll miss the little monster, though.

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Anonymous naomi ~ 4:07 PM

Were you going to tell me you were coming to Regina?? Remember, my days are free now...  

Blogger Freedom ~ 3:51 PM

I hope you don't mind...I added your blog as a link on mine. If you mind you can let me know and I will remove it. Thanks!  

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