Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Cards

WORKING: Care to send [FORMER BOSS] a special message in our annual Christmas card?
TREV: yes, I would
WORKING: I wrote wishing you all the best of the season and a Happy New Year (with far fewer shoulder injuries). Signed, Working and Trevor
WORKING: You should add a P.S.. I can write it in (I want to mail these off today)
TREV: Uh, can't think of one right now
WORKING: "a big wet kiss" "a smack on the ass"?
TREV: Let me get back to you
WORKING: Copy that.
WORKING: We should also send cards to your cousin in LA, T. and M. and whoever else you can think of. Do you have most recent addresses? I guess you can send an email greeting, too.
TREV: I will get all of those addresses ASAP
WORKING: Well, it's getting late...
TREV: One more day won't kill anyone
TREV: It won't. But I will.

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