Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'll just have a water.

Trev and M. met at the dog park this morning and decided we should all go for brunch so we all headed to Wimpy’s on the Danforth. M. is the kind of guy who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and today he told us stories about his mail route with Canada Post. Did you know they have Canada Post security guys who randomly follow their delivery personnel?

There was little choice for my new no sugar, caffeine or wheat diet, so I settled for the bacon, egg and sausage special.
“Um, did you know sausage is processed with tons of wheat filler? And that bacon was cured with sugar,” M. said as I dug in. Apparently even my home fries were coated in flour and sugar. There wasn't a single thing I could eat on their whole menu.

So tonight before heading to a pub to watch the game, I cooked myself a nice, wheat / sugar / caffeine free meal. But thanks to the smell of chicken wings and fries, it took me about two minutes to become hungry again. And everything on the menu was clearly out.
“Do you have anything that doesn’t have wheat or sugar?” I asked the server doubtfully.
“Oh, I’ll get you the special menu,” she said like it was the most regular occurrence. Sure enough, they had a menu designed especially for people who suffer Celiac Disease . I do not, but it suited my diet restrictions perfectly.

Really, this city surprises me every day. Special menu! At a pub! For me and all the other 30-going-on-80 year olds.

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