Friday, November 04, 2005

Funny Story

The iMac, that ol’ girl, is bound for greener pastures. Trevor had her for years before we moved in together. When he bought a Powerbook, I gladly adopted her for my work which, if it’s not obvious, I do from home. And the ol’ girl has served me well.

But lately the screen has been going and we’ve had a few scares when she’s crashed (yes, I know you’re supposed to do a back up!). I can’t afford to have her go kaput when my job relies so heavily on computer access.

So yesterday, I did something that made my heart race and my knees go weak. I bought a brand new G4 iBook. She’s a cute young thing and she’ll serve me well for the next few years. Last night, Trevor was able to transfer all my work files with relative ease and I was back online in time for the start of the business day.

Just in time to be dismissed from my job.

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