Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fright Night

Yesterday was the first time that I was at the centre of conversation at the dog park. I was surrounded by people. I was witty. I was energetic. I had stories to tell.

And I had a big piece of black crap stuck to my front tooth the whole time.

“You could hardly notice it,” said Trevor, who had politely alerted me to the matter when I returned home. But he was only fibbing so I’d stop with the wailing.

But I sure got the scoop on Halloween from my neighbours*.
“I hate kids,” admitted a Boston Terrier owner, “so I shut off all my lights and lock my doors.”
“I bought way too much candy last year and only one kid came,” said a Shepherd owner, “This year I didn’t buy any and now they’re probably going to come in droves. So I’m hiding out at the dog park.”
“Two friends who live in condo’s are coming over to have drinks and help me hand out candy,” said a Lab puppy owner (then somehow we got into a conversation about how she found herself sitting on her couch between her Israeli ex-boyfriend and Turkish roommate).

“Besides, all the kids are going to Browning Street,” said another dog owner. Even I’ve heard of Browning Street. Browning Street puts on some sort of block party and the kids go apeshit over it and 'it’s the place to be'. Not that my neighbourhood is chopped liver – there are also rumors that families from the suburbs rent busses to bring their kids in for the ‘good candy’. While it’s true that some houses around here go crazy with the decorations, it’s not like we’re giving out Godiva chocolate.

Of course, Trev and I are on the ‘other’ side of Pape, so we only had about 30 kids. One kid dressed as himself. Presumably so did the group of Muslim girls wearing headscarves. But I don’t discriminate – Halloween is for kids and candy and running around at night (and for saying 'thank you', you little turd pre-teens) and I’m not going to make you prove your costume. Though, I’ve thought about doing a trade next year – 5 treats in exchange for one from your bag, my pick. That way I get a nice variety for myself and see what the takings are around the ‘hood.

The other idea conceived at the dog park was adult trick or treating. I picture neighbours setting up Halloween tables with little shots of liqueur in plastic shot glasses. And you take around a plate and ‘trick or treat’ for hors d’oeuvres 'n drinks. Maybe you even have to sing for it (which could get easier the more houses you visit). I think that would be magical.

*Paraphrased. Yes, all of it.

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