Thursday, November 03, 2005


I spent 28 years in a province that didn’t DO Daylight Savings Time. I’m slowly adjusting to the concept. It’s only an hour but it makes a big difference, especially when you lose that hour in the spring. Your alarm goes off at 7:00 but it feels like 6:00. The dog whines for a walk an hour before you can reasonably leave the house. You try to fall asleep at 11pm, but your body thinks it’s 10pm. So you read until midnight. Then the alarm goes off again at 7:00, which still feels like 6:00, and on and on…. Sure it’s lighter earlier, but you’re too bitchy to enjoy it.

I have to admit I like the Autumn change when we set our clocks back one hour. Suddenly I’m wide-awake at 6:00. I’ve added a full hour to my mornings without feeling any consequences. I get a lot more done before breakfast and I’m far more chipper. Even better, I’m dog-tired by 10PM, too sleepy even to read. This whole DST is really trippy.

One drawback –Charlie is on her own clock. Even if it says 5:23 on the alarm and it’s pitch black outside, it's walk time. She’s not fooled by DST. Not like me. I don't even know if I got the changes in this post correct.

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