Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dog Park Soapbox

Trev had a run in with “the Mayor” today at the dog park. I’ve heard of this guy before. He’s becoming one of the park’s legends.

We all generally try to be good dog owners. But sometimes by the time you get to the spot you can't find the turd in the pile of brown leaves and detritus. Sometimes a chase goes so far so quickly that suddenly you can’t see them anymore. You stuff your pockets with treats and balls hoping that this time, this one goddamn time that goddamn dog will actually come when you call. But I’ve seen the best dogs get distracted, especially when ’pack brain’ kicks in.

Just last week a guy got his hand chomped by his Golden Retriever because he reached in to pull it out of a fight. My own dog got beat up by one much larger than her, then turned around and almost choked out a smaller dog with a twist of the collar. This is why we have a dog park. It’s a place where everyone who comes is generally forgiving because these situations arise constantly. We’re mostly ready for it. We’ve got each other’s backs. We’ll step in with a leash and a baggy and extra hands when the need arises.

Many people think of that area as no different from any other place in the park but it is different. Very different. It is a legal place for dogs to be off leash and that privilege comes with many uncertainties. We are trying to be good owners - most of us are in the process of training our pups. But if you come flying through that part of the park on your bike, FORMER MAYOR OF TORONTO, expect that you might be chased. In their little minds, you are charging into a pack territory, not human territory. It’s a space where human patience proves most fruitful.

I think there should be a fence. Sure, it would keep the dogs in. It would also keep out the humans who aren’t quite prepared to handle the situation.

There, now that it's said perhaps I can focus on work?

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